To Reassemble

1. Be certain chamber and magazine are empty.

2. With slide held upside down, replace barrel and push it rearward into its locked position.

3. Replace camblock and recoil spring assembly into position. Rear end of camblock seats against barrel lug. Make sure that the large end of the recoil spring goes into the slide.

4. Be certain that ejector is locked in its lower (forward) position and that hammer is in its fired (uncocked) position.

5. Replace slide onto frame far enough to see completely through the slide stop hole. Partially insert slide stop into frame.

6. Pull slide back until disassembly line on frame is aligned with disassembly line on slide stop. Now push slide stop all the way through the frame to the right.

7. Allow slide to move fully forward.

8. Replace empty magazine in frame through butt of pistol. This action returns the ejector to its working position. This pistol will not function normally unless the ejector is in its upward (rearward) position.

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  • RITA
    How to reassmble a ruger p345?
    9 years ago

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