To Reload The Pistol

1. Firing all cartridges in the magazine and the chamber will cause the slide to automatically lock open. Keep the pistol pointed in a safe direction. Reloading can be accomplished by moving either the right- or left-hand safety lever fully downward to the "safe" position (lever fully down and white dot exposed) and then pressing in on the magazine latch with the thumb or forefinger. The magazine will fall free of the pistol of its own weight if the slide is locked open. To avoid the possibility of damage to the magazine, do not let it fall to the ground unless rapid reloading is absolutely necessary.

2. Insert a loaded magazine. WARNING: The slide stop is held in place by the slide pressing against the rear of the slide stop. Therefore, when there is a loaded magazine in place and the pistol is jarred, the slide can fly forward and chamber a cartridge. For this reason and as an essential safety practice, the safety of the pistol should always be fully "on" except when the user is positioned to fire the gun at a selected target.

3. Release the slide to move forward by either depressing the rear portion of the slide stop or pulling the slide fully to the rear and release it. A cartridge will be chambered when the slide shuts. If you are ready to fire immediately move the manual safety fully upward to its "Fire" position. WARNING: The pistol is ready to fire in the "double-action" mode once manual safety is disengaged. It can also be recocked to fire in the single-action mode.

4. If the pistol is not to be fired immediately, depress the manual safety fully until the hammer drops and keep the safety "on" at all times except when actually firing. When you are finished firing the pistol, unload it completely (see pages 18 - 20).

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