To Render The Pistol Inoperative For Safe Storage

With the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, remove the magazine, retract the slide, and check the chamber to be sure the pistol is completely unloaded! Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, and press upward on the slide stop. Insert a finger into the action and press the ejector assembly fully forward. Next, pull the slide stop pin out the left side of the pistol frame until it is withdrawn completely out of the frame. Now remove the slide and barrel assembly by sliding it forward off the front of the frame. (See Disassembly instructions, pp. 22 - 24.)

Store the pistol's frame and the barrel/slide assembly in different locations. When disassembled in this manner, this pistol is inoperable. It is impossible to fire the pistol until the barrel/slide assembly and frame have been correctly reassembled.

To reassemble the pistol for firing, carefully slide the barrel/slide assembly onto the frame. Align the disassembly marks on the frame and slide, and then push the slide stop pin fully into the receiver from the left. Either reinsert an empty magazine or lock the slide open and push the ejector back upward and rearward with a finger. The pistol is now reassembled and can be loaded and fired normally.

While the pistol is less likely to be used by unauthorized persons when disassembled in the above manner, it is always safest to store any firearm with the supplied locking device correctly installed, or to store the firearm in a gun safe or other secure location away from children and unauthorized adults. Guns should always be stored securely, unloaded and separate from their ammunition.



Never place or store any firearm in such a manner that it may be dislodged. Firearms should always be stored securely and unloaded, away from children and careless adults. Use the locking device originally supplied with this firearm for storage.

The use of a locking device or safety lock is only one aspect of responsible firearms storage. For increased safety, firearms should be stored unloaded and locked in a location that is both separate from their ammunition and inaccessible to children and any other unauthorized person.


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