Ruger P345 Unload

WARNING: This sequence must be followed exactly as outlined. Failure to do so can result in the chamber being unintentionally loaded with a live cartridge!

1. The muzzle of the pistol must be pointing in a safe direction at all times, and fingers should be outside of the trigger guard. Put the safety in its "safe" position (see Figure 2 on page 11) by rotating the safety fully downward until the white dot shows through the left safety lever. The safety can be engaged whether the pistol is cocked or not.

2. Remove the magazine from the pistol by pushing in on the magazine latch. REMEMBER that even though the magazine has been removed, a live round may remain in the chamber. (See "Warning - Unloading," below.)

3. Hold the pistol firmly and grasp the slide. Retract the slide to its rearmost position briskly to extract and eject any chambered cartridge. Always double check visually that the chamber, breech-face, and the interior of the frame are clear of any live rounds. When the slide is fully retracted, push upward on the slide stop, then allow the slide to move forward until it comes to rest with the rear projection of the slide stop resting in the notch on the lower left side of the slide.



Removing magazine does not unload pistol! To unload, first remove magazine, then pull slide to rear, eiect chambered cartridge, and visually inspect chamber to be sure it is empty. The safety should always be in its "Safe" position when loading or unloading the pistol. Always point the pistol in a safe direction when loading or unloading.


Unloading Magazin Pistol

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    How do i unload ruger p345?
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    How to safely unload cocked p345?
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