To Load And Fire Without Magazine

In the event that the magazine is missing or for training purposes (where it is desirable that only one cartridge be loaded and fired at a time for safety), the pistol can be fired with the magazine removed. To do so, keep the pistol pointed in a safe direction, engage the safety (lever fully down, white dot and letter "S" exposed), grasp the slide, and retract it fully to the rear. Next, push the slide stop upward so that the slide remains to the rear. Insert a single cartridge directly and fully into the chamber. Taking care to keep the pistol pointed in a safe direction, depress the slide stop. This will cause the slide to move vigorously forward into the firing position. WARNING: The pistol is ready for instant use in the single-action mode once the slide moves forward and the safety is disengaged.

Finally, rotate either safety lever to the "Fire" position -- now the pistol can be fired in the double-action mode. Single-action firing is possible by manually cocking the hammer after the safety is disengaged. Note that the slide will not automatically remain open if the pistol is fired without the magazine in place. The ejector must always be pivoted to its rearward (upward) position when firing the pistol without the magazine.



So that the pistol can be used as a single loader, it will fire whether or not a magazine is in the gun if a cartridge is chambered. Removing magazine does not unload pistol! To unload, first remove magazine,_then pull slide to rear, eject chambered cartridge, and visually inspect chamber to be sure it is empty. The safety should always be in its "Safe" position when loading or unloading the pistol. Always point the pistol in a safe direction when loading or unloading.


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