Disassembly Reassembly Warning

Never clean, lubricate, disassemble or work on a revolver while it is loaded. Never install or remove a loaded cylinder. A loaded cylinder can discharge if dropped or struck. Read instructions before disassembling gun.


1. Be certain the revolver is unloaded and the cylinder is closed before starting disassembly.

2. Using a properly fitting screwdriver, remove grip screw and lift grip panels from frame.

3. Cock the hammer. Insert disassembly pin about one half its length into the hole at the lower end of the mainspring strut. (The disassembly pin is carried in the hole in the grip panel locator.) Lacking a disassembly pin, any similar implement will serve (See Figure A).

4. With thumb on hammer spur, squeeze trigger allowing hammer to go fully forward. Lift out the mainspring assembly. CAUTION: Do not remove the disassembly pin until the mainspring assembly is reinstalled in the revolver at the time of reassembly.

5. Pull trigger and remove (push out) hammer pivot while holding trigger in rearward position (See Figure B).

6. Lift hammer out of frame while trigger is in rearward position.

Ruger Mainsping Latching AssemblyRuger Mainsping Latching AssemblyRuger Mainsping Latching AssemblyRuger Mainsping Latching Assembly

7. Use mainspring assembly to depress trigger guard lock plunger located inside frame at rear of trigger guard (See Figure C). Simultaneously pull out and remove trigger guard assembly. Note: If you cannot apply sufficient force (to depress the plunger) using the mainspring assembly as a 'tool', then use a screwdriver of appropriate size.

8. Cradle the revolver frame in your left hand and, with the thumb of your right hand, press the cylinder release button, swing out the cylinder assembly and move it forward, thus removing it from the frame. The cylinder latch will drop from the frame into the palm of your hand (See Figure D).

9. Disassembly is now complete and further disassembly is not recommended, and is not required for general cleaning and maintenance.


1. Install cylinder latch (See Figure E). Install and close cylinder. Note: An alternate procedure for this step is to first install the cylinder and then install the cylinder latch by pressing the forward portion of the latch against the cylinder latch plunger, until the latch is seated.

2. Hook front of trigger guard into recess in frame (See Figure F-l). Align pawl in its recess in frame, by pulling the trigger slightly. (See Figures F-2 and F-3). Be sure that the transfer bar is in correct position in rear of firing pin (Figure F-3). Snap trigger guard shut. If solid resistance is felt or trigger guard will not shut, check position of pawl and transfer bar. After it is certain that the trigger guard is properly positioned and seated, it may be necessary to rap (with wood or plastic screwdriver handle) on the portion of the trigger guard behind the guard bow. This rap will fully seat the trigger

Ruger Security Six Transfert Bar

guard assembly. Note: At this point of reassembly, trigger will function to rotate lock the cylinder if the trigger guard has been installed correctly. Pull the trigger a times to check functioning.

3. Hold trigger in its rearward position and insert hammer into frame. Install 1 mer pivot (See Figure G). Release trigger and permit hammer to go fully forwar

4. With hammer forward, insert mainspring assembly into frame. Position the notches of the mainspring seat into the matching projections of the grip frame. (N The larger notch of the mainspring seat positions on the projection at the inside J of the grip frame.) Hold mainspring assembly in position and cock hammer. It m£ necessary to move the mainspring assembly a little to properly position the upper of the mainspring strut to rest in its recess in the hammer. When the hamm cocked, disassembly pin can be removed (it will fall free).

5. Squeeze trigger and ease hammer down. Place left grip panel in position on frame. Put disassembly pin in its 'nest' (see Figure A). Place right grip panel in posi and install and tighten grip panel screw.

6. Open and close cylinder. Function the trigger and hammer single action and i ble action to be certain all parts are working properly.

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