Shipping Revolvers For Installation Of A Safety Conversion

If you would like to have any "old model" (pre-1973) Bearcat, Single-Six, Blackhawk, or Super Blackhawk revolver factor)ยป fitted with a free Conversion Kit (to help prevent accidents caused by a blow to the hammer if the user has failed to keep an empty chamber under the hammer) please write to Sturm, Kuger & Co., 1 1-acey Place, Southport, CT 06490 for a box and shipping instructions. Be sure to include information as to model, caliber, and serial number. Please do not send your old model single action revolver until you receive shipping instructions and a box from u$. Please note that the Kit will be fitted at our Newport, New Hampshire facility. All other servicing of "old model" single actions will also be performed at our Newport facility1, but only after a Conversion Kit is first installed.

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