To Remove Or Replace Cylinder

A WARNING: Never remove, replace or carry a loaded cylinder. The cartridges can fire if their rims are struck.

1. Open the gate. This lowers the cylinder latch into the frame.

2. Press base pin latch (on left side) and withdraw base pin.

3. Remove cylinder from loading gate side of frame.

To replace cylinder, simply reverse the above procedure. Holding the gun with the barrel pointed away from you and in a safe direction, rotate the cylinder 1/4 turns in a clockwise direction to ensure that pawl is correctly positioned on cylinder ratchet, before replacing base pin. Finally, close the gate.

Ruger Single Six Cylinder Replacement


Do not eject unfired cartridges onto any surface where the cartridge rim might strike a solid object and discharge the cartridge.



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Never clean, lubricate, disassemble or work on a revolver while it is loaded. Never install or remove a loaded cylinder. A loaded cylinder can discharge if dropped or struck. Read instructions before disassembling gun.


The user of a IWGER* NEW MODEL SIVftLE ACTIO* revolver should carefully read all disassembly directions and study all the illustrations and the Parts List in this manual before attempting to take the gun apart Know the names and location of the parts before removing any of them. Although the NEW MODEL revolver mechanism is composed of only a few parts, it is essential that the disassembly and reassembly operations be carried out with knowledge and care.

Only a few tools are required: A screwdriver or two to remove the grip panel and grip frame screws, and a drift punch to remove the hammer and trigger pivots (pins). A small plastic-faced hammer can be useful in drifting the trigger pivot out and in.

The tip of the screwdriver blade should perfectly fit the grip frame screw slots. A tip too large will scrape away metal, while too small a tip will damage the screw slots.

Before taking the gun apart, set up to do it properly. Cover the work surface with a soft cloth so that the gun finish (and sights) will not be damaged, and provide a tray into which the parts can be put as they are removed from the gun.

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