Always unload a firearm before cleaning, lubrication, disassembly or assembly.

Never remove or install a loaded cylinder - it can fire if dropped or struck.



Read instructions before disassembling a gun.


2. Using a properly fitting screwdriver, remove grip screw. Remove pistol grip inserts from grips. Grip panel locator may then be removed. Pull grip downward off frame. Take care not to lose the disassembly pin, which may fall free when the grip is removed.

3. Cock the hammer. Insert disassembly pin about one half its length into the hole at the rear of the mainspring strut. Lacking a disassembly pin, any similar instrument will serve (See Figure 5).

4. With thumb on hammer spur, squeeze trigger allowing hammer to go fully forward. Lift out mainspring assembly. CAUTION: Do not remove the disassembly pin until the mainspring assembly is reinstalled in the revolver at the time of reassembly. Doing so will permit the mainspring to fly off its strut with great force and may cause injury.

5. Pull trigger and remove hammer pivot while holding trigger in a rearward position. Lift hammer out of the top of the frame while trigger is held in a rearward position (See Figure 6).

Ruger Sp101 Disassembly PhotoRuger Sp101 Cylinder Disassembly

6. Use mainspring assembly to depress trigger guard lock plunger located inside frame at rear of trigger guard. Simultaneously pull down and remove trigger guard assembly (See Figure 7 & 8).

Ruger Trigger Assy
Figure 7 Figure 8

NOTE: If you cannot supply sufficient force to the plunger using the mainspring assembly as a "tool", then use a screwdriver of appropriate size and insert through hole in frame. It may be necessary to slightly depress the trigger while removing the trigger guard assembly.

7. Cradle the revolver frame in your left hand and with the thumb of your right hand press cylinder latch button, swing out cylinder assembly and remove it forward from the frame.

8. Further disassembly is not essential for normal cleaning purposes. Any further disassembly should only be undertaken by factory service personnel.



Before starting reassembly, be certain that all components and the inside of the frame are thoroughly clean. In particular the tongue on the front of the trigger guard and its mating recess in the frame must be completely clean.

1. Replace cylinder and crane assembly in frame and close cylinder.

2. Hook front of trigger guard into recess in frame (See Figure 7). Align pawl in its recess in the frame and be sure transfer bar is in correct position in frame then allow latch to re-engage. If solid resistance is felt when swinging trigger guard into frame, or if trigger guard will not lock into position recheck position of pawl and transfer bar (See Figure 9).

Ruger Trigger Assy
Figure 9

NOTE: At this point in reassembly trigger should function to rotate and lock the cylinder. Pull the trigger a few times, to check proper functioning, as always with the revolver pointed in a safe direction.

3. Hold trigger in its rearward position and insert hammer into frame. Install hammer pivot. Release trigger and permit hammer to go fully forward.

4. With hammer forward, insert mainspring assembly into frame. Position the two ends of notch in the mainspring seat onto the matching projections of the grip frame. (Note: The large notch in the mainspring seat should be forward to allow clearance for the grip screw.) Hold mainspring assembly in position and cock hammer. It may be necessary to move the mainspring assembly a little to properly position the upper end of the mainspring strut to rest in recess in the hammer. When the hammer is cocked, disassembly pin can be removed (It will fall free).

5. Squeeze trigger and ease hammer down. Put the disassembly pin in its "nest." Push grip upward onto the frame, install grip panel locator and place pistol inserts into position. Install and tighten grip panel screw.

6. Open and close cylinder. Function the trigger and hammer single action and double action to be certain that all parts are working properly.



The internal mechanism of the SP101 revolver can be lubricated without disassembly. A few drops of light oil recommended as suitable for firearms, applied periodically about the various frame openings, will work its way into the mechanism parts. The exterior of the revolver and the bore and chambers should be thoroughly cleaned and then wiped with an oily cloth if the gun is to be stored. Do not apply excess lubrication.

To clean the revolver after firing, swing the cylinder out and clean the barrel from the muzzle by running a cleaning rod with a solvent coated patch through the bore several times. A bronze wire brush (of correct size for gun caliber) attached to the cleaning rod should then be pushed the full length of the bore several times. Again swab the bore with a solvent coated patch. Then wipe the rod clean and, using a dry patch, swab the bore until it is clean. Examine the bore to be sure that no fouling remains. Repeat the above procedure for each of the five chambers.

Chambers must be thoroughly scrubbed to remove build-up of bullet metal and firing residue. A dirty chamber can prevent full seating of a cartridge, which in turn causes the cylinder to bind. DO NOT APPLY EXCESSIVE OIL TO UNDERSIDE OF EJECTOR - AREA SHOULD BE WIPED DRY WITH OILY CLOTH. Also, the underside of the ejector ('star') and the area of the cylinder where the ejector seats, must be clean. Dirt can prevent the ejector from fully seating. That condition can cause hard closing of the cylinder and interfere with proper cylinder rotation.

If lead bullet loads are fired extensively, lead build-up may cause cylinder binding. Lubricate the cylinder crane gap with Break-FreeĀ® CLP or some other lubrication which meets mil. spec. Mil-163460 to prevent this condition.

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