Special Adjustments For Ruger Trap Model Shotgun

The RUGER® TRAP MODEL SHOTGUN embodies many specialized adjustments demanded by participants in the demanding sport of clay target trap shooting. These adjustments are not found on other Ruger shotguns intended for hunting, sporting clays, and other field shooting activities. DO NOT MAKE ANY ADJUSTMENTS ON A LOADED GUN!


To adjust the height of the rib, open the action, unload the shotgun, and loosen the Torx® clamp screw on the front barrel band and the two clamp screws on the middle band. Turn the gear wheel using the Torx® key wrench - clockwise to raise the rib and counter-clockwise to lower the rib. As the rib is raised, the shot pattern will lower; as the rib is lowered, the pattern impacts higher. After each adjustment, be sure to securely tighten the clamp screws before firing. Check pattern height again and readjust if necessary, following the above steps. The rib is adjustable for up to 3/8" of height change, which will accomodate most shot pattern placement preferences.

To Move Pattern Up Lower the Rib (turn gear wheel counter-clockwise)


The rear bead is aligned with the bottom of the front bead, and the target is positioned above the front bead.

Lead in front of the target (Not shown here) is determined by the speed and angle of the target, and the individual shooter's method of shooting.


After the pattern location is established by adjusting the rib height, the stock can be adjusted to suit the individual.

A. Loosen the Allen clamp screw on the right side of the stock near the buttpad. For LENGTH OF PULL adjustment, turn the buttpad clockwise to shorten the length of pull, or counter-clockwise to lengthen the length of pull. The length of pull is adjustable from 13 1/2" to 15 1/2". After the length is established, securely tighten the clamp screw.

To Lengthen Stock, To Shorten Stock,

B. To adjust the COMB HEIGHT, loosen the two Allen clamp screws on the right side of comb of the stock. Raise or lower the comb to the desired height and securely tighten the clamp screws.

on the right side of the comb and remove the comb from the buttstock. Loosen the screw located inside the top of each of the posts. If cast off is desired, move each of the posts to the right approximately the same amount and retighten the screws. To get cast on, move the posts to the left. Re-install the comb and check your sight picture. Readjust if necessary until all adjustments put the pattern at the preferred location for the individual shooter. Then tighten all adjustment screws securely.

For Cast-Off, For Cast-On,

Move Screws To Right Move Screws To Left

Loosen Screws Loosen Screws

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