Windage adjustment can be made either by the front or rear sight. When adjusting the rear sight (2) first loosen screw (1), and tap sight blade sideways in direction required. Front sight adjustments will be opposite to rear sight adjustments. To move the impact to the right, adjust front sight to the left. Vertical adjustments are made by changing the bead. Your dealer can supply beads of different heights (5 - 9.5 mm)(.2 to .375 in). Each move of 0.5 mm (.02 in) in height or sideways alters the point of impact by roughly 12 cm (5") at a range of 100 m (110 yds). Before changing the bead, the hood must be removed by pressing it backwards with the palm of the hand. The bead is detached by tapping it off its mount in a sideways direction. While removing the bead, the mount must be supported firmly from below. After changing the bead, it is essential to check the windage adjustment. If the rifle shoots a little low (max. 10 cm = 4"), height adjustment may also be carried out by carefully filing down the tip of the bead.

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