CAUTION! Make sure you have the correct caliber ammunition for this firearm. Use only high quality, factory-loaded ammunition. The use of reloaded. hand-loaded, remanufactured or other non-standard ammunition voids all warranties, and may cause severe damage to the firearm and serious injury to the shooter or others. Improperly loaded ammunition can be extremely dangerous. Always use ammunition that complies with Industry Performance Standards established by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute, Inc. (SAAMI) or Commission Internationale Permanente pour I'Epreuve des Armes a Feu portatives (C.I.P.) Do not use cartridges that are dirty, wet, corroded, dented or damaged. Do not oil cartridges. Any of these things can make the ammunition dangerous, and can cause damage to the firearm or injury to the shooter. LOADING THE MAGAZINE

The magazine can be loaded by pressing the cartridge down into the magazine, when the bolt is in the open position. The detachable magazine can also be loaded while it is separated from the rifle.

CAUTION! Engaging the safety catch before closing the bolt is the safest method of handling the rifle.

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