Bolt Disassembly And Reassembly

It is not generally necessary to disassemble the bolt. But, in case too much oil has accumulated inside the bolt, which can cause stiffness or misfires, it should be cleaned. If you intend to use the firearm in cold weather, removal of excess oil in the bolt is particularly important.

Having removed the bolt from the firearm, the firing pin assembly is removed by turning the bolt shroud clockwise until its locking notches are disengaged from the bolt body and the bolt shroud springs backwards. Having done this, the bolt shroud and firing pin assembly, with the spring and spring guide, can be removed from the bolt. Normally it is not necessary to disassemble the bolt any further for cleaning purposes.

Having cleaned the bolt, reverse the order to reassemble. First insert the firing pin assembly, with the spring and spring guide, into place with the bolt shroud so, that cocking piece is on the opposite side of the bolt handle and the locking notches of the bolt shroud are fitted into position at the rear end of the bolt body (Fig. 10).

The bolt shroud is then pushed against the bolt, and simultaneously turned counter-clockwise, until the cocking piece cam stops in the notch (C in Fig. 11) before the cocking slope.

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