Cleaning The Barrel

The following procedure should be used when cleaning the barrel:

- Always push the cleaning/oiling patch from the breech end.

- Do not scrub the barrel, simply push the patch through the barrel and out through the muzzle. Repeat as necessary.

- Use only absolutely straight, sturdy and smooth cleaning rods.

- It is also advisable to occasionally remove copper fouling from the barrel. This looks like copper from bullet jacket when the front part of the bore is examined. There are various solvents and mechanical cleaners for this purpose, and we recommend that the instructions given by their manufacturers, are followed. Badly fouled barrels can shoot inaccurately and will corrode much easier than carefully cleaned ones.

-After thorough cleaning, the barrel should be lightly oiled.

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  • seija
    What lenght cleaning rod for sako trg?
    6 years ago

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