How To Fit The Ring To The Base

Tighten screw (A) with an 4 mm Allen key so that the front surface of the base is parallel with the ring base. NOTE! The XTRA LO ring is fastened with a shorter screw (A) than other height rings. HOW TO FIT THE RECOIL STOP PIN (Fig. 6) On SAKO mounts the recoil stop pin (B) is already assembled on the rear base. FITTING MOUNTS TO THE RIFLE

The base is mounted on the dovetail on the receiver with a wedge shaped locking piece (C), as shown in Fig. 7.

SAKO models: The recoil stop (B) of the rear base should fit firmly into the recoil stop groove milled into the rear of the receiver bridge. The rear of the front base should be level with the front of the ejection opening. Attachment of the base screws should be on the right side of the rifle and should be tightened relatively firmly, with an 4 mm Allen key included in the box, to hold the scope correctly in position.

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