Maintenance Before

Before using your new rifle, remove the storage lubricant that is put on each rifle before it leaves the factory.

- Clean excess oil from the bolt and breech area in the action.

- Clean the excess oil from the chamber. Then remove the oil from the bore by pushing a dry patch through the barrel, from the breech end to the muzzle.

- Check the recessed bolt face and locking lugs (marked A) for excess oil. Make sure that all areas (A - C) are lightly lubricated.

- Ensure that the sights are clean and free of debris.

- Check the tightness of the fastening screws 1 and 2 (Fig. 1)with Nr25Torx key included with the rifle .

- To check the fit between the stock and the free floating barrel, a slip of paper roughly 0.5 mm thick should fit easily between the barrel and the stock over the whole length of the barrel.

- Insert the bolt into the receiver and cycle it to confirm that the action is working properly.

- The bolt is released from the rifle by pulling the bolt backwards and simultaneously pressing the bolt release button (D in Fig. 5).

After completing the check-list above, your rifle is now ready for test firing. However, if a telescopic sight is to be used, attach the mounts and scope prior to test firing.

To obtain the best results with yourSAKO, be sure to use only high quality steel bases and rings manufactured to fit Sako dovetail receiver and quality scope. NOTE! If, after reading this manual, you have any questions about the maintenance, operation or use of your rifle, consult your dealer. Before using the firearm, you must thoroughly familiarize yourself with its use and operation, and with safe firearm handling in general.

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