Maintenance Of The Stock

The stock has been treated with oil, which stops moisture from being absorbed and prevents warping. Normally it is necessary to just diy the stock after use and keep the inside of the stock oiled. To keep the oil-finish in good condition, it should be wiped over occasionally with original SAKO stock oil. The synthetic stock of the "All-weather" models do not need any special maintenance.

By following the few simple maintenance procedures listed below, Sako rifles will provide a lifetime of service:

1. Use only the best quality SAKO gun oil (or comparable oil), which cleans, protects and lubricates

2. Corrosion can begin within 24 hours if the rifle is not cleaned after firing. This is especially true in damp conditions.

3. At least once a year, check the tightness of all screws including stock and trigger guard screws.

4. Stop shooting immediately, and take the rifle to an authorized gunsmith or ship to the manufacturer/importer if any changes in the functioning of your firearm are noticed. For example:

- the functioning of the trigger mechanism has changed.

- the rifle does not fire the cartridge (misfires).

- the safety catch does not operate.

- there is any cartridge malfunction, such as escaping gas, a punctured primer, a bulged or ruptured case or a different sound when firing.

CAUTION! In the case of misfire point the rifle in safe direction and wait 30 seconds before opening the bolt. The bolt should be opened with extreme care.

5. Use only original factory spare parts.

6. When loosening or tightening screws, ensure that the screwdriver is of appropriate size and shape. Poor tools will damage the screw-heads and the general appearance of the rifle.

7. If the rifle is damaged while shooting, send your rifle to the dealer/importer and include:

- an explanation of what has happened.

- the cartridge case (with which the damage occurred).

- preferably a sample of unfired cartridges.

In these circumstances do not dismantle the rifle. Do not, ever send a loaded firearm.

8. Damage to rifles occurs almost exclusively when using hand-loaded cartridges.

CAUTION! Make sure you have the correct caliber ammunition for this rifle. Use only high quality, factory manufactured ammunition. The use of reloaded, hand-loaded, re-manufactured or other non-standard ammunition voids all warranties, and may cause severe damage to the firearm and serious injury to the shooter or others. Improperly loaded ammunition can be extremely dangerous. Always use ammunition that complies with industry performance standards established by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute, Inc. (SAAMI) or Commission Internationale Permanente pour I'Epreuve des Armes a Feu portatives (C.I.P.)

If you intend to load your own cartridges, make absolutely sure that you are using the correct charge and type of powder.

SAKO Ltd. does not accept any liability for any damage or injuries caused by reloaded/hand-loaded or otherwise improper ammunition.

9. Wear adequate eye and ear protection whenever you shoot, and make sure that persons close to you are similarly protected.

10. Keep this manual, and review it periodically. If you sell or transfer the rifle, make sure the manual goes with it.

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  • karolin
    What kind of oil on a sako stock?
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    Where to find original sako stock oil?
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