Open Sight Adjustments

All SAKO rifles fitted with open sights have been zeroed in at the factory at 100 m (110 yds) with SAKO ammunition. The sights can be, however, adjusted for other ranges and different ammunition. STANDARD OPEN SIGHTS

Windage adjustment (Fig. 3) can be made with the rear sight. When adjusting the rear sight (1) first loosen screw (2) with 2 mm Allen key, and move sight blade sideways in direction required. To move the impact to the right, adjust sight blade to the right. The rear sight is graduated to ensure adjustment estimation.

Vertical adjustments (Fig. 4) are made by adjusting the height of the foresight by adjusting the screw in front of the sight with 2 mm Allen key. Turning clockwise will raise the bead and lower the point of impact. Each move of 0.5 mm (.02 in) in height or sideways alters the point of impact by roughly 12 cm (5") at a range of 100 m (110 yds). After adjustments it is essential to check zeroing by shooting.

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