CAUTION! Never load the rifle until you are ready to begin shooting. Always unload the rifle as soon as you have finished shooting. Never cross a fence, climb a tree or jump a ditch with a loaded firearm. WARNING! Always make sure the barrel is free of all obstructions before chambering a cartridge. Firing with an obstructed barrel may cause serious injury.

- Loading is performed in the usual manner for a bolt-action rifle. The action is opened by first raising the bolt handle and then pulling the bolt back. As the bolt is pushed forward, the cartridge is fed into the chamber, and by rotating the handle downward the action is closed and the rifle is cocked.

-The safety is, in principle, the usual on/off type. When engaged (rearward position), the safety also locks the bolt handle in the closed position. In the forward position the safety is "Off, which is indicated by the red warning dot (E). If the rifle is cocked, the red cocking indicator (F) is visible behind the bolt shroud. The rifle is then READY TO FIRE.

For safety reasons, the safety is provided with a button (G) that you can push to open the bolt, for example, to load or unload the rifle while the safety is engaged.

CAUTION! The manual safety is to minimize the potential for firing in the event of an unintentional pulling of the trigger. The manual safety and the gun's other safety features provide only partial protection against firing from other causes. The safety is only a mechanical device. It is not substitute for safe firearm handling.

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