Singleset Trigger Mechanism

For use as a normal single-stage trigger, squeeze rearwards in the normal fashion. The trigger mechanism can also be "SET" by pushing the trigger forward until it stops. The rifle can now be fired with a very light pressure on the trigger. WARNING! WHEN THE TRIGGER IS IN THE "SET" POSITION, THE RIFLE MUST BE HANDLED WITH EXTREME CARE, AS ANY SHOCK OR VIBRATION CAN DISCHARGE THE RIFLE.

To return trigger to the "UNSET" position, the safest method is to engage the safety catch or open the bolt. If the rifle is cocked, with the safety catch on, the trigger CAN NOT be put into the "SET" position. NOTE! When the safety catch is in the "ON" position, it locks the trigger mechanism and the bolt. The rifle can be cocked only by pressing the bolt handle release button, located in front of the safety catch, and by opening the bolt to cock the mech-an ism.

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