Scope mounts

- For scope mounting with conventional scope mounts the recoil stop screw is installed for the front mount base in either of the threaded holes on the receiver ring (Fig. 1). Normal recoil stop pin of the base should be removed. Otherwise follow the mounting instructions of the scope mounts.

- For special purposes it is used the quick-detachable one-piece mount with fixed recoil stop that fits on the grooves on the top of the receiver

- If the mount is used in old TRG-21/ 41 models, the recoil stop should be moved to another position (Fig. 3).

Sako Trg Scope Mount
Kuva 2 / Fig. 2 / Abb. 2

- The mount with a scope is attached on the mounting rail on the top of the receiver by inclining it from the top so that the recoil stop fits on one of the grooves on the receiver (Fig. 4). The mount fastening lever is then turned clockwise until it is stopped by the stop pin (Fig. 5) to ensure the same fastening force every time.

- To reach proper torque for the fastening screw it can be adjusted by pushing the fastening lever against the mount base (Fig. 6) so that the fastening screw is allowed to turn at one twelfth of the turn intervals.

Kuva 5 / Fig. 5 / Abb. 5

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