Adjustments on the standard and centre fire pistols

Adjustment of sear = engagement of parts 12 and 21: The sear is adjusted by means of screw 25 in the rear portion of the frame. The adjustment screw is of the click-stop type.

The position at which the pistol will no longer remain cocked is determined by turning the screw clockwise. The screw Is then turned two clicks in an anticlockwise direction. This is the basic position in which the sear surfaces are applied against each other.

Trigger-pull-weight: Check the sear setting. Adjust the sear spring strength by means of sear spring adjustment piece 27. Loosen sear spring adjustment piece screw 28 app-rox. 1/4 turn clockwise. The sear spring adjustment piece Is moved upwards/downwards as desired: an upward movement will cause an increase in spring resistance. The trigger-pull-weight is measured: this should be 500-550 gms. Turning screw 28 In an anticlockwi-ce direction causes the adjustment piece to lock. Tool kit kety no. 2. Fig. 17.

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