Changing firing mode with cai

Another cal. .32 accessory is the special trigger leaf/bar combination with the aid of which the firing mode of the centre fire pistol can be altered (the gap becomes less). Part no. 77.

Remove the conversion in accordance with the instructions. Remove trigger 4 by unscrewing screw 5. Unscrew shoulder screw 11 from the trigger bar and remove spring 10. Lilt trigger bar 9 vertically from its place. Place the pistol right side down on a firm base, remove trigger pin 3 using a suitable drift (0 1.9) and remove trigger leaf 2. Replace with leaf/bar combination by threading the leaf part form the trigger guard side into place with the bar pointing upwards. Using a drift, position the hole correctly and drive pin 3 into place. Fig. 26. Turn the trigger bar backwards and by lifting (bending) the rear end, fit the latter into place. Tighten screw 11 (making sure the bar does not jam in the gap) and place spring 10 in position. Check that it returns the bar to its uppermost position, turn the pistol upside-down, fit the trigger into its groove and install screw 5 using an alien key; with the trigger in the desired position, tighten up the screw. Cock the hammer with a finger, check the free pull on the trigger and if necessary adjust this by means of adjustment screw 6. Insall the lef side grip and tighten the screws. Fit the cal. .32 conversion fn accordance with the Instructions. If necessary adjust free pull to a minimum of 1,360 gms.

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