Installation guide

When properly fitted, the trigger bar spring 10 should return the bar positively to the upper and forward position.

When fitting the shoulder screw 11, it must be ensured that the screw does not interfere with firing.

When tightening the screw into place, the bar should be pressed down. Fig. 36.

The free pull set screw should not be tightened too far (the threaded part will foul the magazine casing). When adjusting free pull it is a good idea to pull on the trigger aiding turning and preventing the screw becoming damaged. Fig. 35. 32

When installing the sear spring 26, it must be ensured that the adjustment piece 27 is pushed into place rounded end first, and the screw 28 locked by turning it anticlockwise.

The stiffness of the hammer spring Is correct when the set screw 18 is level with the lower surface of the grip.

The hammer stopper 19 is installed via the magazine chamber. Fig. 32.

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