10.1 Hunting track - Battue

For instinct shooting using the open sight, the hunting track -Battue is offered which can be retrofitted on every SAUER 303.


1. Remove front stock (see section 7.3).

2. Remove the barrel (see section 7.4).

3. Unscrew the slotted screw on the sight base in front of the rear sight and slide the rear sight out of the base from the side (see Fig. 28).

Fig. 28

4. Slide the hunting track in the base from the side and attach using the screw on front of the track with the correct SW 1.5 mm Allen key (see Fig. 29).

Fig. 29

5. Mount the barrel (see section 8.1). Be careful that the rear end of the hunting track enters the groove of the housing (see Fig. 30).

Sauer 303 Mount
Fig. 30

6. Shoot the gun using the open sight (see section 5.9.2).

11.2 Cleaning the barrel




11.2 Cleaning the barrel

Proper functioning and precision of the gun can only be maintained through regular and expert care. The gun must be cleaned and protected against corrosion after each use. The bore must be cleaned and protected against corrosion after each firing. The slide and the slide rail must always be cleaned and lightly lubricated after each firing. Wooden stocks must be treated with a suitable agent in accordance the corresponding instructions and must be protected against the weather.

For the optimum care for your SAUER 303 we recommend SAUER care products, e.g. the SAUER Premium gun grease.

For a normal cleaning it is sufficient to remove or dismantle the following gun parts:

If the gun has been exposed to extreme moisture or is heavily soiled, it is recommended to remove or dismantle the following gun components:

• Telescopic sights

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