Hand cocking

The SAUER 303 is equipped with a manual hand cocker on the stock handle. This enables the marksman to cock the lock of the gun right before discharging a shot. In decocked condition the mainspring is relaxed, it is impossible to fire a shot.

Along with the manual hand cocker, to be operated by the marksman, the SAUER 303 additionally has an internal firing pin safety lock intraLock, which automatically activates if the slide is not completely locked. Because of this a discharged shot is impossible with a gun that is not completely locked. The safety lock intraLock can not be actively influenced by the marksman.

The cocking slide is found easily, both visually and by touch, above on the handle of the stock. The modern Silent Cocking System SCS allows the cocking cycle to be made without making disturbing noise.

6.1 Cocking the gun


1. Lay the thumb of the ribbed surface of the cocking slide 116 so that the tip of the thumb half covers the cocking slide pin 117

2. Press the cocking slide forward to the stop.

3. Lift the tip of the thumb so that the cocking slide pin 117 leaves the cocking slide silently (see Fig. 16).

4. Remove the thumb from the cocking slide.


Gun cocked:

- Red point on the stock handle under the cocking slide is visible.

- Cocking slide pin 117 protrudes visibly and by touch out of the cocking slide (see Fig. 16).

Fig. 14
Fig. 15

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