2. Check whether ammunition is still in the barrel chamber or in the magazine.

3. Clean the barrel (see section 11.2).

4. In addition during first commissioning:

- Clean external metal surfaces (see section 11).

5. If supplied in compact case:


Incorrect ammunition

May lead to death or severe injuries and damage to the gun

• For your gun, use only commercial grade ammunition in the original packaging, which corresponds to the caliber of the gun.

• Only use high quality brand ammunition in your gun. Only then is problem-free function and precision guaranteed.

• Never use recharged, "reconditioned", hand-charged or non-standard ammunition in your gun.

• Never use ammunition with steel shells or other shell material besides brass.

• Never use dirty, wet, corroded, bent, damaged or oiled ammunition.

• Never spray lubricants, preservatives or cleaning agents directly onto the rounds.

• Never leave the ammunition lying around unattended.

5.3 Loading the gun (ready to fire)

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