1. Check the gun to ensure that it is unloaded and decocked.

2. Pack the gun well (if possible in its original packaging) to prevent damage in transit. To prevent the gun being recognised as such during shipping, wrap the original packaging in a second outer layer. Do not include any accessories in the shipment.

3. Enclose a letter stating the following:

- your full name

- your full address (state street, not P.O. Box)

- your daytime telephone number

- model and serial numbers of the gun

- detailed description of the problem encountered or the service work to be performed.

4. Send the gun properly insured and carriage-paid (packages without correct postage will not be accepted) to:

- the sales outlet from which you purchased the gun

- the local Sauer & Sohn dealer,

- the Sauer & Sohn agent (importer) for your country

- if there is no local appointed Sauer & Sohn dealer or Sauer & Sohn agent in your country, to J.P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH.

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