Sauer 303 Stocks

1. Remove/open magazine (see sections 5.8.1 / 5.8.2).

3. Remove the front stock (see section 7.3).

4. Loosen the clamping screws with the supplied Torx spanner 102 by approx. a half turn, however do not remove.

5. Turn the Torx spanner 102 with the long end in opening between the two screws until the stop, so that the housing is slightly pryed open.

6. Remove the barrel 201 from the housing 100.

1. Remove the sling attachment (see section 7.1).

2. Insert the special Torx spanner with the short end through the sling attachment bushing 702.

4. Remove the front stock 701 by pulling it to the front.

Sauer 303 Sling

8.1 Fitting the barrel

Fig. 22

8.1 Fitting the barrel

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