Technical Specifications

Functional principle

Self loading rifle/gas pressure loader

Action type

Rotary bolt lock, locking in barrel


.300 Win. Mag.

Length, overall

approx. 1065 mm (with barrel length 510 mm) approx. 1115 mm (with barrel length 560 mm)

Barrel length

Medium: 510, 560 mm Magnum: 510, 560 mm

Stock length (Monte Carlo stock)

approx. 355 mm

Stock indentation (Monte Carlo stock); from top edge of magazine tube

Front: 32 mm Center: 25 mm Back: 50 mm

Stock offset

5 mm

Trigger weight

approx. 13 N - 15 N

Magazine content

Medium: 2 rounds Magnum: 2 rounds

Replacement magazine

Medium: 5 rounds / 2 rounds Magnum: 5 rounds / 2 rounds Magnum:

Weight without telescopic sights, 510 mm barrel length and Monte Carlo stock.

Medium: approx. 3,25 kg Magnum: approx. 3.25 kg

Subject to change without notice

Subject to change without notice

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