Keep Your Fingers Away From The Trigger

3. Lift the bolt handle but do not pull to the rear.

4. Move the safety fully rearward to the FULL SAFE position, then push the bolt handle downward.

5. The safety will move to the MID SAFE position automatically, allowing the action to be cycled while the trigger is still being blocked.

6. Placing one hand over the ejection port, your finger completely away from the trigger and out of the trigger guard, slowly pull the bolt handle to the rear to extract the cartridge from the chamber.

7. Remove the cartridge with your fingers.

8. If the firearm is designed with a TOP LOADING magazine, push the bolt fully forward until it engages the next cartridge behind the extractor (the bolt handle need not be pushed down).

9. Slowly pull the bolt handle to the rear to extract the next cartridge.

10. Repeat steps 6 through 7 until the magazine is empty.

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