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Build a Container Home Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Warren Thatcher
Official Website:
Price: $47.00

Figure B Student station shipping container

(1) The part number for entire student station (including the shipping container) STUDENT STATION DRAGON INDOOR P N 13364400. (2) Part number for shipping container cover only REUSABLE CONTAINER P N 13364390. c. Inside Cover. A mirror is located inside the cover of the student station shipping container.

Make absolutely certain your firearm is unloaded Do not send ammunition with your firearm

Include a note with a clear description of the service you wish us to perform, your complete return shipping address (no RO. boxes please), your daytime telephone number, and your e-mail address (if available). It is advisable to place your correspondence inside your shipping container when shipping.

Accu Accusteel Choke Tubes

Mossberg 9200

Remove all accessories from your firearm such as scopes, slings, swivels, mounts, etc. Please package the gun securely (be certain gun parts cannot shift during shipment) in a suitable shipping container and ship the gun via UPS or your chosen carrier, prepaid and insured, to

Dragon Gunnery Trainer

M79 Grenade Launcher

This appendix provides technical data for the Dragon gunnery trainer (DGT) and discusses its components and limitations. The DGT and related accessories are shipped and stored in two shipping containers, one for the instructor station and one for the student station (Figure B-1). The instructor station consists of a console, a headset with microphone, a mouse, two power cables, and a shipping container (Figure B-2).

Smokeless Propellants

D839 Propellant

10-3.1 Quantities of smokeless propellants not exceeding 25 lb (11.3 kg), in shipping containers approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation, may be transported in a private vehicle. 10-3.6 Smokeless propellants shall be stored in shipping containers specified by U.S. Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Regulations.

Packing and Identification Marking

Each outer shipping container and all inner containers are fully marked to identify the ammunition. Wirebound boxes are marked in black and ammunition boxes are painted olive drab, with markings in yellow. When linked ammunition is functionally packed, component lot numbers are replaced by a functional lot number. Typical packing and identification markings are illustrated in figures 3-17 through 3-20.

Warning Radiation Hazard

STORAGE AND SHIPPING All radioactively illuminated instruments or modules which are defective will be evacuated to a depot maintenance activity. These items must be placed in a plastic bag and packaged in the shipping container from which the replacement was taken, before evacuation to a higher echelon is made. Spare equipment must be stored in the shipping container, as received, until installed on the weapon. Storage of these items is recommended to be in an outdoor shed type storage or unoccupied building.

Make absolutely certain your gun is unloaded Do not send ammunition with your gun

Remove all accessories from your firearm such as scopes, slings, swivels, mounts, etc. Please package the gun securely (be certain gun parts cannot shift during shipment) in a suitable shipping container and ship the gun via UPS or your chosen carrier, prepaid and insured to

Instructions for Factory Service

Please package your firearm carefully. Ship firearm in original shipping container with proper cushioning material to prevent movement of gun or parts and package. Gun cases are especially recommended for return shipping. Clearly mark forwarding and return address on the outside of the package as well as on attached letter.


The fragmentation hand grenade Is a versatile weapon tha lends itself to a wide variety of Dooby trapping actions. One of the simplest booby traps Is the grenade-ln-a-can. The shipping container or can Is affixed to a tree or o'.her permanent object. The grenade, with poll ring removed Is placed in the can so that the arming lerer Is held down by the can. A string or wire 1* then so placed that the victim will pull the grenade from the can, releasing the lever and detonating the grenade.


The launcher proper, as distinct from the mount, consists of a tube or a set of tubes with a means of holding the rocket in place and a mechanism for igniting the rocket motor. Some tube launchers are expendable (c below) that is, they are used for only one firing and discarded. This type launcher may be used as the shipping container for the rocket. Singletube launchers can be fired from the shoulder in standing, kneeling, or sitting position. A bipod and rear


INSTRUCTOR STATION SHIPPING CONTAINER Instructor station shipping containers (Figure B-6, page B-5) are made from olive drab-colored polyethylene. Soldiers can stack these containers four deep. Each has specially shaped inserts to prevent damage to the components. The shipping container resists dust and water. The base and cover each have two carrying handles, one on each end. The container has four latches on each side and three latches along each end. Figure B-6. Instructor console shipping container. b. The shipping container has an identification number and a part number stenciled on the right side of the base along with an arrow icon REUSABLE CONTAINER P N 13363801. c. The instructor station identification and part number are stenciled on the top of the container cover INSTRUCTOR STATION DRAGON DRAGON INDOOR P N 13363800. This part number includes the instructor station and shipping container. The student station consists of the Dragon unit, the weight assembly, the student...

Service Instructions

Remove all accessories from your firearm such as scopes, slings, swivels, mounts, etc. Please package the gun securely (be certain gun parts cannot shift harming the firearm finish during shipment) in a suitable shipping container and ship the gun via UPS or your chosen carrier, prepaid and insured, to

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