Trimming The Shell

Improvized Shot Guns

The first step is to reduce the rim of the shell to a thickness of 1.5mm or thereabouts using a flat file. The shell is passed 'back and forth' over the file until the rim is the correct thickness. This is a quick and simple procedure. During the trimming procedure rotate the shell a quarter turn every few 'passes' to ensure the rim is evenly reduced. Checking the rim thickness. It should be 11.5mm

Priming The Shell

Shotgun Bullet Press

For this we require a .38 blank cartridge and a 13mm length of 15mm diameter wood dowel. The crimp of the blank is removed with a file. Note If the blank is loaded with black powder, the powder should be saved for later use. Empty .38 blank and wood dowel section. Empty .38 blank and wood dowel section. The next step is to drill a 3 8 9.5mm hole through the center of the dowel section and fit the two brass copper 15mm plumbing olives. After drilling the 3 8...

Improvised Homemade Shotgun Shells

Homemade Over Powder Wad

If, for whatever reason, you cannot buy your .410g shells from a store, you may need to construct your own improvised .410 ammunition. The following document illustrates how .410 shells can be easily and quickly constructed with just a few simple tools and components. 1 15 32 11.9mm brass tube. 2 13 32 amp 7 16 brass tube. The first step in constructing these improvised .410 shotgun shells is to purchase some lengths of brass tubing. This material is commonly available from most good hobby and...

Blank cartridge

Homemade Shotgun Shell Machine

The main body of the shell is a simple MDPE pipe stiffener available from any good trade-plumbing outlet. The ones pictured below are used for common blue 25mm MDPE water pipe. The stiffener from here on referred to as the shell is 20.3mm in diameter. The shells inside diameter is 17mm. Pipe stiffeners do vary slightly in dimension from maker to maker so the manufacturing techniques illustrated here are based on the pipe stiffeners I used in the writing of this document. Any 25mm pipe stiffener...