5-6. The M72A2/A3 LAW is issued as a round of ammunition. It contains a nonadjustable propelling charge and a rocket. Every M72A2/A3 has an integral HEAT warhead in the rocket's head (or body) section. The fuse and booster are in the rocket's closure section. The propellant, its igniter, and the fin assembly are in the rocket's motor. No inert versions are available (Figure 5-2). Appendix B provides information about appropriate gunnery training devices and ammunition. Although the M72A2/A3 is mainly used as an antiarmor weapon it may be used with limited success against secondary targets such as gun emplacements, pillboxes, buildings, or light vehicles. Chapter 7 provides more information about combat techniques.

Figure 5-2. High-explosive antiarmor rocket (ammunition).

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