Is The M141 Bdm Fin Stabilized

6-7. The M141 BDM is issued as a round of ammunition. It contains a nonadjustable propelling charge and a rocket. Every M141 BDM has an integral high-explosive, dual-mode warhead in the rocket's head. The fuze and adapter are in the rocket's closure section. The propellant, its igniter, and the fin assembly are in the rocket's motor (Figure 6-4, page 6-4).

Double Acting Cylinder Diagram
Figure 6-4. Dual-mode rocket components.


6-8. The 83-mm high-explosive, dual-mode assault rocket warhead consists of a dual-mode fuze, an aluminized composition A-3 explosive charge, and 2.38 pounds of explosive.


6-9. Warhead detonation is instantaneous when impacting a hard target, such as a brick or concrete wall, or an armored vehicle. Impact with a softer target, such as a sandbagged bunker, results in a fuze time delay that permits the rocket to penetrate into the target before warhead detonation.


6-10. Penetration of a soft target is enhanced by the high kinetic energy retained by the rocket as it impacts the target. The rocket motor case is located directly behind the warhead providing additional energy to drive the warhead into the target. The rocket configuration also provides directional stability as the rocket enters soft targets, which greatly enhances lethality, especially when engaging targets at oblique angles. This directional stability after impact keeps the rocket from deflecting away from the target wall.


6-11. The head of the round and the tail section are silver and the motor case is black. Its minimum arming distance is 15 meters. Eight stabilizing fins are attached as part of the motor. As the rocket clears the launcher, springs force open the fins, which stabilize the rocket in flight. The fins are designed to produce a slow roll rate to reduce the rocket-on-target dispersion.


6-12. The M141 BDM will usually be delivered to the supply point in a palletized configuration. It comes encased in a folding unit pack which in turn is encased in a metal ammunition container (Figure 6-5). Each pallet contains an FHT, which is an inert training round, and a set of training materials. The FHT and training materials are packaged inside the standard ammunition container and are identified by gold painted ends on the containers.

Shoulder Launched Firefighting
Figure 6-5. Packaging and pallet details.

Packaging Inspection

6-13. The metal ammunition container should be inspected for damage. If the container has been punctured or damaged, notify a supervisor. The container should also be inspected for correct markings, including the serial number and bar code on the end of container.


6-14. To unpack the M141 BDM, remove the metal ammunition container cover and remove the unit pack from the container. Open the unit pack and remove the weapon.

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