Anpaqc aiming light

F-1. The AN/PAQ-4C, aiming light (Figure F-1, page F-2) projects an infrared laser beam that cannot be seen with the eye but can be seen with NVDs. This aiming light works with the AN/PVS-7B/C/D-series goggles and AN/PVS-14. The AN/PAQ-4C mounts on various weapons with mounting brackets and adapters.

Technical Data

F-2. The following technical data apply to the AN/PAQ-4C:

• Optics: 100% parallax free, anti-reflective coated lens system.

• Range: Beyond 600 meters (actual range depends on light level and NVD used for observation).

• Battery life: 100-hour operating (ON) time for AA batteries in temperatures above 0° Centigrade (32° Fahrenheit); 36 hours for temperatures below 0° Centigrade (32° Fahrenheit).

Figure F-1. AN/PAQ-4C, aiming light.


F-3. Activate the AN/PAQ-4C aiming light by rotating the ON/OFF switch lever or the button on the optional cable switch. Either switch connects power from two AA batteries to an internal electronic circuit, which produces the infrared laser. Internal lenses focus the infrared light into a narrow beam. Control the direction of the beam by rotating the mechanical adjusters with click detents. These adjusters are used to zero the aiming light to the weapon. Once zeroed to the weapon, the aiming light projects the beam along the weapon's line of fire. The optical baffle prevents off-axis viewing of the aiming light beam by the enemy.

M136 AT4 Launcher and Cartridge Mounting Procedures

F-4. The aiming light is attached to the M136 AT4 launcher and cartridge by first attaching an AN/PVS-4 mounting bracket to the weapon and then attaching the aiming light to the mounting bracket (Figures F-2 and F-3).


Only M136 AT4 qualified personnel should install and use the mounting bracket assembly. Conduct all M136 AT4 operator preventive maintenance checks and services before installation of mounting bracket assembly.

Note. All references to the M136 AT4 launcher and cartridge are also applicable to the M287 9-mm tracer bullet training device.

• STEP 1: Install the mounting bracket.

■ Cradle the M136 AT4 in the left arm.

■ Position the support bracket with the mounting rail on the left side and the marking FRONT over the rear sight.

■ With the pivot bracket spread open, place the support bracket against the base of the rear sight housing and the bottom on the shoulder strap boss.

■ Swing the pivot bracket around the M136 AT4 and secure it by rotating the locking latch clockwise to engage the latch shaft.

■ The lever screw assembly must be located in the rear threaded screw hole when mounting the aiming light. Lever screw assembly may require relocation from the front to the rear threaded screw hole.

■ Place the bracket adapter (Figure F-2) in the groove of the mounting rail so that the threaded screw hole in the base of the adapter is aligned with the lever screw assembly. Tighten the lever screw.





Figure F-2. M136 AT4 installation (mounting bracket).





Figure F-3. M136 AT4 installation (locking latch and shaft).

• STEP 2: Install the bracket adapter (Figure F-4, page F-4). The bracket adapter provides compatibility between the aiming light and the mounting brackets used on the M2, M60, and M136 AT4 weapons.

Figure F-4. Bracket adapter.

• STEP 3: Attach the AN/PAQ-4 onto the bracket adapter (Figure F-5).

Figure F-5. Attaching bracket adapter to aiming light.

• STEP 4: Attach the AN/PAQ-4 to the AN/PVS-4 mounting bracket.

■ Position the AN/PAQ-4 on top of the bracket so that the spacer of the AN/PAQ-4 is aligned with the mounting knob of the bracket.

■ Turn the mounting knob clockwise until the AN/PAQ-4 is tight.


Do not store the AN/PAQ-4 with batteries installed.

M136 AT4 Launcher and Cartridge Dismounting Procedures

• STEP 1: Detach the AN/PAQ-4 from the AN/PVS-4 mounting bracket.

■ Turn the mounting knob counterclockwise until the AN/PAQ-4 is loose.

■ Remove the AN/PAQ-4 from the bracket adapter.

• STEP 3: Remove the mounting bracket.

■ Rotate the locking latch counterclockwise to disengage the latch shaft.

■ Swing the pivot bracket away from around the M136 AT4.

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