The M73 subcaliber rocket operates between -23 degrees and 60 degrees centigrade (-10 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit). Fire it only within this temperature range.

Misfire Procedures

B-10. These are the same as for the M72A2/A3 LAW.

Range Procedures and Safety

B-11. These procedures are the same as for the M72-series LAW. The training device can be used against all solid stationary or moving targets. However, because the subcaliber rocket can penetrate 0.124 inches (0.315 centimeters) of steel plate or 8 inches (20.32 centimeters) of soft wood, the target should be constructed of 3/16-inch steel plate backed by 3/4-inch plywood.

Combat Techniques

B-12. These are the same as for the M72-series LAW.

B-13. The M72AS Trainer System consists of a trainer launcher and a 21-mm trainer rocket (Figure B-4). Only expended M72A5 and M72A7 tactical light antiarmor weapons are to be converted to M72AS trainer launchers. Requisitions for trainer launchers may be made by requesting, "Launcher, Practice, part number 51670-7 NSN 1055-01-495-0009."

Note. M72A1, M72A2, and M72A3 tactical launchers are NOT to be used for converting to trainer launchers for the M72AS Trainer System.

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