When loading the M190 LAW subcaliber trainer, ensure the rear cover is open, the sling assembly is off, and the launcher is collapsed.


B-7. To load the M73 rocket into the M190 launcher (Figure B-3, page B-4)—

• Twist and remove the primer housing lockpin and open the primer housing door.

• Remove the fired primer block (if present) from the primer block cavity of the launcher.

• Inspect the primer block cavity for obstructions such as primer case stuck on the firing pin.

• Pivot and remove the safety clip from the rocket.

• Insert the M73 rocket into the launcher with the primer face up and toward the firing pin housing.

• Guide the primer block into the primer block cavity with the primer toward the front of the launcher. Close the primer housing door, insert the lockpin across the primer housing door, and twist to ensure a spring-tight fit. Ensure the primer housing door fits snugly.

Figure B-3. Loading the LAW subcaliber launcher.


B-8. To unload the M73 rocket from the M190 launcher—

• Return the arming handle to SAFE.

• Remove the weapon from your shoulder, keeping the weapon pointed downrange.

• Partly collapse the launcher, and remove the primer housing lockpin.

• Open the primary housing door, and remove the primer from its housing.

• Replace the safety clip on the rocket.

• Place the rocket in its original container.


B-9. The M73 rocket launches the same as the tactical rocket, but when the rocket head strikes the target, it sets off the spotting head that produces a flash, noise, and white smoke.

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