Engagement from an enclosure

7-21. Firing from an enclosure creates unique hazards. As such, before positioning Soldiers in enclosures, leaders must consider several factors that affect safety. The M72-series LAW has been rated safe for use from an enclosure but, only when the enclosure meets the following minimum requirements.


7-22. The building must be sturdily constructed to reduce the structural damage that would occur in a weakly constructed enclosure such as one made of wood or stucco.

Size of Enclosure

7-23. Minimum measurements for the enclosure are 12 by 15 feet.

Ventilation to the Rear and Sides

7-24. To allow for the backblast, at least 20 square feet of ventilation, such as a standard 3-foot by 7-foot doorway, must be provided directly behind the firer. Doors and windows should be removed beside and behind the position to increase ventilation and reduce overpressure, noise, and blast effects. Without sufficient ventilation, the blast can weaken or collapse the walls. On the front wall, windows and doors need to be reinforced, rather than removed, because removing would draw attention to the position. Reinforcing the windows also helps protect the firer from enemy direct-fire weapons.

Objects and Debris

7-25. Any objects or debris to the rear of the weapon must be removed to prevent them from flying around the room and possibly injuring personnel as a result of the backblast.

Muzzle Clearance

7-26. Muzzle clearance must be at least 6 inches.

Weapon Clearance

7-27. Properly positioning the weapons within the enclosure is vital to the safety and survival of all personnel in the enclosure. The weapons should be positioned so that the maximum distance between the firer and the backblast impact area is achieved (see paragraph 7-23).

Personnel Positions

7-28. If any other Soldiers are present, they must remain forward of the rear of the launcher and avoid standing in corners or near walls. If possible, they should construct reinforced positions that will protect them in case the building collapses.

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    What are the minium measurements for the enclosure when firing a shoulder launched weapon?
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