6-15. The M141 BDM weapon system is issued as a round of ammunition and requires no scheduled maintenance. The inspection is limited to a visual inspection of the outer tube and its components (Figure 6-6, page 6-6) as follows:

• Inspect the body for dents, cracks, gouges, or holes.

• Ensure the front and rear caps are present and there are no holes, tears or punctures.

• Ensure the front sight cover, rear sight cover, firing mechanism cover, tube release button cover, and shoulder stop cover are all present and not damaged.

• Ensure the front and rear sights and the shoulder strap are present and not damaged.

• Inspect the sling for signs of fraying.

• Gently shake the weapon and listen for sounds of loose or broken material inside the tube.

Figure 6-6. Inspection points.


Do not extend the launcher if any deficiencies are noted.

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