2-11. The M136 AT4 is issued as a round of ammunition rather than as a weapon; the launcher is completely sealed. However, its overall condition should be inspected at the time of issue and again before use (Figure 2-6). The wooden container should be opened, the plastic bags removed, and the launcher visually inspected for obvious damage. If the M136 AT4 is not to be used immediately, it should be returned to its plastic bag and the bag resealed with tape. The Soldier issued the weapon must ensure—

• The rear seal, a brown acrylic plastic plate inside the venturi, is in place and undamaged.

• The transport safety pin is in place and fully inserted. The lanyard is attached to the transport safety pin and the launcher. The lanyard should already be wrapped around the launcher clockwise and the transport safety pin inserted in the retainer hole counterclockwise.

• The cocking lever is present and in the SAFE (uncocked) position.

• The plastic fire-through muzzle cover is in place and undamaged. If it is torn or broken, cut it out and check the launch tube to ensure it is clear of foreign objects. Remove any that you find by turning the tube muzzle downward and gently shaking the launcher.

• The launcher has the correct color-coded band.

• The sights function properly. Open the sight covers to ensure the sights pop up and are undamaged.

• The forward safety does not move when you depress it.

• The red trigger button is not missing.

• The launcher body has no cracks, dents, or bulges.

• The carrying sling is not frayed and is attached firmly to the launch tube.

• The shoulder stop is not broken or damaged, and it unsnaps and folds down.

Note: M136 AT4 launchers with missing muzzle covers and no obstruction are suitable for use. However, these launchers should have their muzzle covers replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage and deterioration.

Figure 2-6. Inspection.

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