Kneeling position

4-4. The basic kneeling position is the best position for tracking moving targets. The modified kneeling position is best for engaging stationary targets, since it is a supported position. However, either can be used for stationary or moving targets.

Basic Kneeling Position

4-5. From the basic standing position, kneel onto your right knee, keeping your left thigh parallel to the ground. Rotate your lower right leg 90 degrees to the left. (This removes your right foot from exposure to the backblast.) Keep your right thigh and back straight and perpendicular to the ground. Point your left foot in the direction of fire and tuck your elbows in to your sides. Though this is not a supported position, it should be a firm and stable one (Figure 4-3, page 4-4).

Figure 4-3. Basic kneeling position.

Modified Kneeling Position

4-6. From the basic kneeling position, sit back on your right heel. Place the back of your upper left arm on your left knee, making sure you do not have bone-to-bone contact between your left elbow and left knee. Keep your right elbow tucked in close to your right side. Use any protective barriers available (Figure 4-4).

Squad Sector Sketch Micro Armour
Figure 4-4. Modified kneeling position.

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