M bdm field handling trainer

B-36. The field handling trainer (FHT) duplicates the M141 BDM in weight, length, mechanical action, and external features. It consists of an inert, reusable launcher filled with inert ballast to duplicate rocket weight and center of gravity. The firing mechanism safety button and trigger button are functional, to permit a gunner to practice firing. The firing mechanism is made of clear plastic. The FHT can be reset after functioning by using a recocking pin stored under the NVD mount protective cover.


B-37. One FHT is packaged on each pallet along with the tactical munitions and a training package. The FHT has a gold band on it to identify it as a trainer (Figure B-18). Both the FHT and training package containers have their ends painted gold for easy identification while on the pallet.

Figure B-18. M141 BDM field handling trainer.

Operation and Function

B-38. The operation and function of the FHT is the same as the tactical launcher, which is discussed in depth in Appendix H, and must be referenced for instruction on how to place the weapon into the ready-to-fire mode. The FHT contains the same external features and working parts as the tactical round and differs only with the addition of a recocking mechanism, which permits the gunner to conduct multiple simulated fires.

Recocking Procedures

B-39. These procedures must be duplicated for each successive fire. To recock the FHT—

• Remove the recocking pin from under the NVD mount protective cover.

• Insert the recocking pin into the hole just below the trigger button.

• Close the firing mechanism cover until it touches the recocking pin.

• Push the recocking pin forward until the firing mechanism snaps into the cocked position.

• Restow the recocking pin.

Appendix C

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