M law subcaliber training device

B-1. The M190 subcaliber launcher (Figure B-1) is made by adding an M190 subcaliber conversion kit (NSN 1340-00-420-7999) (Figure B-2, page B-2) to an expended M72A2 LAW launcher. It is used to fire the M73 subcaliber (35-mm) rocket. This 35-mm rocket is shorter and lighter than the LAW's 66-mm tactical rocket. It simulates the tactical rocket's smoke and flight trajectory, but with less noise and backblast. The expended launcher is likely to wear out before the subcaliber inner tube does. When this happens, the inner tube can be transferred to another expended launcher. The M190 subcaliber launcher can be used in all training phases, from a fixed firing line to simulated tactical situations such as a squad live-fire exercise.

Note. The local Training Support Center (TSC) can install the conversion kits, but DOD Regulation 5100.76-M requires that all sensitive conventional arms, ammunitions, and explosives, including expended launchers, be carefully controlled.

556 Drawing Setch
Figure B-1. LAW subcaliber trainer.
Composition Explosive

Figure B-2. M190 subcaliber conversion kit.

Technical Data

B-2. Technical data for the M73 35-mm subcaliber practice rocket are:

• Propellant charge: three tubular grains of M7.

• Spotting head charge: 05 ounce (1.5 grams) of composition mix M80.

B-3. Technical data for the assembled M190 practice rocket launcher are:

• Diameter of launcher: 12.45 centimeters (4.9 inches).

• Diameter of rocket tube: 3.56 centimeters (1.4 inches).

• Weight (with rocket): 2.26 kilograms (5.02 pounds).

■ Collapsed: 64.26 centimeters (25.32 inches).

• Sights: open, temperature compensating. Trigger

B-4. This is the same as for the M72-series LAW.


B-5. These are the same as for the M72A2/A3 LAW.


B-6. The LAW subcaliber training device operates the same as an M72A2/A3 LAW. After the M190 has been loaded, it may remain closed, or it can be extended and fired. Either way, the procedures are the same as those for the LAW.

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