Ma sights

5-39. This paragraph discusses the front and rear sights and their proper use.

Front Sight, M72A4/5/6/7 LAWs

5-40. The front sight has three lead posts to help line up fast moving, slow moving, or stationary targets. The front sight is spring-loaded to automatically adjust for temperature-induced performance differences (Figure 5-29).

Figure 5-29. Front sight, M72A4/5/6/7.

Rear Sight, M72A4/5/6/7

5-41. The rear sight is more like a standard gunner's sight; it has a range setting knob, a range indicator in 50-meter increments (Figure 5-30), and two apertures (peep holes), a daylight aperture and a low light aperture.

Figure 5-30. Rear sight, M72A4/5/6/7.

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