Marksmanship Fundamentals M At

Many factors contribute to shoulder-launched munition marksmanship. Soldiers who combine these factors well, and continue to practice doing so, can retain their skills. The factors for the Ml36 AT4 are grouped into four basic areas known as marksmanship fundamentals: steady hold, aiming procedures, breath control, and trigger manipulation. As the Ml36 AT4 can only be fired from the right shoulder, instructions are given for right-handed firers. (See Chapters 5 and 6, respectively, for M72-series and M141 BDM marksmanship fundamentals.)


3-1. Maintaining a steady hold involves holding the launcher as steady as possible while sighting and firing. To maintain the proper sight picture and sight alignment until you fire, hold the launcher in a tight, comfortable position so that it becomes a natural extension of your body (Figure 3-1). Keep your elbows close to your body to help balance the weapon and prevent you from jerking or flinching when you fire. With your left hand, grasp the carrying sling where it attaches to the launcher near the muzzle. With your right hand on the trigger mechanism, pull the shoulder stop into your right shoulder pocket.

Figure 3-1. Steady hold position.

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