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A-31. Even though the M72AS Trainer System does not contain a high-explosive warhead, specific safety precautions must be followed when firing the trainer.


A-32. Although the M72AS does not contain a high-explosive warhead, the trainer rocket does contain propellant and powder. Caution must be exercised to ensure that all firers and observers remain clear of the backblast danger area when the trainer is fired (Figure A-9).

Figure A-9. M72AS backblast danger area.

Hazard and Safety Awareness

A-33. The following hazard and safety rules apply when using the M7A2S Trainer System:

• Always keep the loaded trainer launcher pointed downrange. Do not stand to the rear of the trainer launcher.

• Load, unload, and fire the trainer launcher at the firing line only.

• Do not extend the trainer launcher to the cocked position until after the M72AS trainer rocket is completely installed.

• Insert the M72AS trainer rocket all the way into the trainer launcher before inserting the primer block.

• Do not fire the trainer launcher if the barrel assembly has a cracked, split, or damaged condition at the rear end—a blown tube incident might occur.

• Loose primer block cover screws or excessive carbon buildup in the primer block cavity can cause a misfire.

• To prevent electrostatic discharge, a bare M72AS trainer rocket should never be handed from one person to another. The trainer rocket should remain in the aluminum storage tube until just prior to loading in the trainer launcher.

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