Mseries light antiarmor weapons

A-13. The M72-series LAW has the same safety procedures and considerations as the M136 AT4 except for the following:


A-14. M72-series LAWs are open-chambered weapons, so they have no recoil.

M72A2 and M72A3 LAW

A-15. The total backblast area extends 40 meters (44 yards) to the rear of the launcher (Figure A-4, page A-6) and is divided into two zones. During training, both zones should be marked "off limits."

• Danger Zone. All personnel, equipment, and flammable material must be clear of this area.

• Caution Zone. The weapon's backblast may throw loose objects to the rear. Therefore, personnel must also stay clear of this area.

At4 Backblast Area

Figure A-4. M72A2 and M72A3 LAW backblast area.

M72A4/A5/A6/A7 Light Antiarmor Weapons

A-16. The total backblast area for these weapons extends 70 meters to the rear of the launcher (Figure A-5)

Backblast Dimensions
Figure A-5. M72A4/A5/A6/A7 light antiarmor weapons backblast area.

Note. The total backblast area is greater for the M72A4/A5/A6/A7 light antiarmor weapons than for the M72A2/A3 LAW.

Minimum Target Engagement Range

A-17. The minimum target engagement range for the M72-series LAW is 30 meters. In combat, the minimum arming range is 10 meters.

Surface Danger Zone

A-18. Figure A-6 shows the SDZ requirements for the M72A4/A5/A6/A7 light antiarmor weapon.

A-19. The M141 BDM has the same safety procedures and considerations as the M136 AT4 except for the following.


A-20. The backblast danger area for the M141 BDM is similar in size, composition, and characteristics to the M136 AT4 for both training and combat, but contains an expanded ear protection caution area (TM 9-1340-228-10). When the M141 BDM is fired, it is essential that hearing protection is worn in the ear protection caution area. Dangerous noise levels exist within 445 meters of a fired weapon (Figure A-7, page A-8). The weapon produces sound pressure levels that may exceed 140 dB.

Batwing Sdz Diagram Army


Figure A-6. SDZ for firing M72A4/A5/A6/A7 light antiarmor weapon.

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