2-20. If you are under fire, take cover before preparing the M136 AT4 for firing as follows:

• Remove the M136 AT4 from its carrying position and cradle it in your left arm (Figure 2-12).


Insert the approved brand of earplugs before you fire. Keep the weapon pointed toward the target, and keep the backblast area clear.

Figure 2-12. Cradle position.

• With your right hand, pull and release the transport safety pin (Figure 2-13). This pin is important; you must reinsert it if you do not fire the launcher. Therefore, unless it is attached to the launcher with a lanyard, you must keep it in a safe place.

Figure 2-13. Removing the transport safety pin.

• Unsnap, unfold, and hold the shoulder stop with your right hand (Figure 2-14).

• Place the launcher on your right shoulder and stabilize it by grasping the sling near the launcher's muzzle with your left hand.

Figure 2-14. Unsnapping the shoulder stop.

• With the M136 AT4 on your right shoulder, stabilize it with your left hand and open the sights with your right hand. Press down and pull backward on the front sight cover until the front sight pops up (Figure 2-15), then press down and forward on the rear sight cover until the rear sight pops up. The rear sight should be no less than 2 1/2 inches and no more than 3 inches from your eyes.

Figure 2-15. Opening and adjusting the sights.

• Set the rear sight for the correct range to the target.

• Check the backblast area before you cock the launcher. Then, unfold the cocking lever with your right hand (Figure 2-16). Place your thumb under it and, with the support of your fingers in front of the firing mechanism, push it forward, rotate it downward and to the right, and let it slide backward.

Figure 2-16. Cocking the launcher.

• Pull back on the sling with your left hand to seat the shoulder stop firmly against your shoulder. To avoid a misfire, use the index and middle fingers on your right hand to hold the forward safety down and to the left while you fire (Figure 2-17).

Figure 2-17. Firing the launcher.

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