Other tactical operations

7-32. The weight of the shoulder-launched munition suits it well for combat patrols and rear area operations. (FM 7-8 provides more information about these subjects).

Combat Patrols

7-33. Shoulder-launched munitions are used on combat patrols to destroy enemy equipment, installations, and key points, and to harass enemy forces. The two types of combat patrols are ambushes and raids.

Ambushes (Antiarmor)

7-34. The commander can employ armor-killer teams either during limited visibility or when cover, concealment, and withdrawal routes are available. The key to ambushing armored or other vehicles is to choose terrain that restricts their maneuverability and fields of fire, while allowing friendly forces to engage the vehicles from the flank and rear. Soldiers can emplace antipersonnel mines before the ambush so that dismounting enemy Soldiers deploy into them. Though shoulder-launched munitions can be used independently, they are normally used in support of designated organic antiarmor weapons such as the M47 Dragon (FM 3-23.24). Volley firing shoulder-launched munitions increases the probability of a quick kill (Figure 7-9). Security teams are deployed to stop any enemy from escaping.

Figure 7-9. Antiarmor ambushes.


7-35. Using shoulder-launched munitions on raids increases target options. They can also be used to defend against enemy armored vehicles.

Rear Area Operations

7-36. Rear area operations usually consist of either defending unit trains and tactical operation centers (TOC), or patrolling rear areas.

Defense of Tactical Operations Centers and Unit Trains

7-37. The mobility of modern vehicles makes the TOC and unit trains prime targets for enemy attacks. Shoulder-launched munitions are used to engage vehicles threatening the unit during the defense of the TOC. Soldiers who use shoulder-launched munitions in this type of operation normally perform noninfantry-type roles. Unit leaders designate Soldiers to carry shoulder-launched munitions and ensure that these Soldiers receive training on them.

Patrols of Rear Areas

7-38. Rear area patrols are security patrols conducted by designated infantry or military police (MP) units. These patrols can react to any threat they encounter in the rear area. Rear area patrols use the shoulder-launched munitions in a hasty point defense at a roadblock, intersection, or strongpoint.

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